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Factoring Your Invoices/Account
Receivables For Profit & Growth


This is a situation which boggles my mind. Literally hundreds of thousands of businesses in the U.S. alone could - and should - use factoring to extensively reduce their costs of money and operation, and still they don't do it. I have watched companies go into bankruptcy rather than factor.

Why aren't they factoring? Getting more personal, why aren't YOU factoring? And the answer I get, more than any other, is: "We can't afford it." (But you can afford to go out of business? Or struggle constantly with cash flow shortages?)

Now if that doesn't indicate a total misunderstanding of what factoring is and what it does...and what it costs, I can't think of anything that would do so more.

So I'll say it again:


Factoring Proof

Now I'll prove it.

What is factoring? Actually, most business people are involved in factoring almost every day. They use credit cards. Visa® and Mastercard® are the world's largest factors. However, they factor retail business. When you purchase something, using their card, the merchant immediately discounts the sales slip (invoice) to them by anywhere from 2-5% and immediately receives his money.

How would YOU factor? You sell wholesale goods or services, deliver them, then send an invoice to your customer, also sending a copy to the factor with whom you have an account.

The factor checks with your customer to ensure the invoiced goods or services have been delivered. As soon as he does that, he deducts a "reserve," (in case anything goes awry with your delivered goods/services), then forwards the remainder to you immediately. Just as with Visa® and Mastercard®, the factor has bought your invoice at a discount. When the invoice is collected by the factor, he deducts the agreed discount, then forwards the remainder of the reserve on that invoice to you. So you'll get anywhere from 75 to 95% of your funds immediately, the remainder, minus the discount, in 30 days or so when the invoice has been collected.

The Cost Of The Factor's Money

So, what is your cost of money? (Here's where it gets interesting and where the major misunderstanding lies.)

Let's set up an example. You're selling $100,000 worth of widgets to General Motors every month. You ship them, then invoice GM for the parts. Let's say you've arranged 30 day terms. You also have terms of 2.5% for 30 days with your factor, with an advance of 85%.

You send the factor a copy of the invoice at the same time you invoice GM. The factor checks with GM to ensure the widgets were delivered in good condition. He then transfers $85,000 to your account by check or wire transfer. This is usually within two days of receiving the invoice. You've got operating money!

Thirty days later, GM pays the factor $100,000. The factor deducts $2500, then pays you $12,500. You do this 12 months out of the year.

What's your cost of money?

In almost all cases, my prospective clients, thinking in terms of loans, multiply the 2.5% by a factor of 12 and say, "Thirty percent! That's too expensive."

The correct answer is, of course, 2.5% if each invoice is paid within the first 30 days. (This percentage will go up incrementally with any invoices which are paid over 30 days, generally 1/30 per day, but it's still FAR BELOW the current cost of borrowing from banks or getting lines of credit.)

To prove my statement, multiply your monthly sales to GM by 12. That answer is $1.2 million. Now multiply the amount you paid for each invoice by 12. That answer is $30,000. And $30,000 is 2.5% of $1.2 million.

Please tell me where, in the banking system, you can get money at 2.5%? That is, if you can get a bank loan at all in today's uncertain times.

Still More Factoring Perks

Want more savings?

Whoever is doing your accounts receivable is costing you about $30,000 annually in salary. It's commonly accepted that in today's market, you have to double that amount to include the P&W, medical insurance, taxes and other costs. That's $60,000, Mr. or Ms. Business Person. If you factor your accounts receivables, that cost goes away because the factor is collecting your invoices. What part of an extra $60,000 in profits doesn't appeal to you?

How about losses due to poor credit checking by your company employees who are not professionals in the field? Your factor will credit check any new customers, at no cost to you, thus radically reducing your chances of bad credit performance.

Other benefits include continuous cash flow, increased production and sales, cash for marketing plans, new equipment purchases, plant expansion, handling payroll or tax shortfalls and lowered overhead.

Next to the instant liquidity provided by factoring, the most valuable benefit is ridding your business of credit and collections (non-income producing activities) releasing you and your employees to focus full attention, energy and assets on production, marketing, sales and service.

Why Use Capital Funds Group For Your Factoring Needs?

Why do you need someone like Capital Funds Group to assist in setting up your factoring? Simple. You want to ensure that you get the LOWEST RATES. If you go directly to a bank or factoring company, you are at their mercy. They have you over a barrel. We are connected to dozens of sources for factoring. They know and trust US to bring them good business for which THEY pay us, you don't.

Once you've proven yourself (good invoices from good companies who pay their bills promptly) we then go back in after a few months to negotiate even LOWER rates for you. Yes, this means OUR commission from the Factor is lower, but we think it's good business practice. We believe that once you see how well this works, you'll be sending your friends and business contacts to us, and we'll handle THEIR business just as well.


And I'll once more ask the question I began with:

Why Aren't YOU Factoring?


Capital Funds Group™, Ltd., is headquartered in Abbotsford, BC, Canada. CFG specializes in analyzing your specific needs and pointing you towards that area of financial support bringing you the greatest business growth at the highest possible savings. There is no charge for this service.

Last Updated: May 19, 2019.
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